Dr Tony Weir has been an Orthodontist since 1990, and is one of QLD and Australia’s most experienced braces and Invisalign dentists.

Born in Brisbane, Dr Weir lived in Papua New Guinea and Cairns before returning to Brisbane for secondary school. After a very enjoyable time at Brisbane Boys’ College, and graduating in the top 1% of the State, he undertook a Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Queensland. He graduated with First Class Honours in 1983.

Dr Weir worked as a general dentist for the Royal Australian Air Force in Melbourne, Amberley and Malaysia, and then in Brisbane for the Queensland Teachers’ Union Health Society before undertaking further studies. At the University of Adelaide Dr Weir obtained his Masters in Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) before returning to private specialist practice in Brisbane.

Dr Weir lives in Chapel Hill with his wife Sharon and their three children. When not doing orthodontics, he likes writing, cricket, hiking, skiing and more cricket! He also loves cats and is a member and sponsor of the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust and Australia Zoo!

Dr Semaan obtained his Dental degree from Sydney University, Australia. He went on to obtain his Master of Dental Science in Orthodontics degree at the University of Western Australia. He then obtained a Postgraduate Diploma of Business at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia during which time he started him up his own business – Clear Smiles Orthodontics – which is situated on the Gold Coast, Australia where he is the only doctor on site. Dr Semaan and his team use clear aligners to treat almost 90% of their patients and start over 800 new clear aligner cases each year with nearly 3000 treated patients in clear aligners.
Dr Semaan began using Dental monitoring in 2016. He is currently monitoring over 450 patients with an estimated 800 patients by the end of this year.
He is also a visiting lecturer to the post graduate residents at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA and an assistant professor at the European University College, Dubai where he is currently conducting research on the effectiveness of Dental Monitoring app.
He has lectured on orthodontics throughout Asia, North America, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and across Australia. He is passionate about helping others appreciate the many advantages clear aligners have over fixed appliance therapy.  In his very little spare time, he enjoys Mauy Thai kick boxing, watching movies and spending time with his wife and 6 children.

Dr Baisi completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Master of Dental Science (Orthodontics) from the University of Sydney in 1990. Since that time he has been in private practice as well as teaching undergraduates and postgraduate students at the University of Sydney. He continues to teach the postgraduate orthodontic students to this day.

In addition to teaching Dr Baisi is also an active member of the greater orthodontic community. Dr Baisi’s Invisalign® experience started soon after Invisalign® was introduced in Australia.

The Ortho Practice has now treated over 1500 aligner cases to date, involving complex extractions and surgery. Dr Baisi has presented at Invisalign® meetings and continues to expand the scope of treatment with Invisalign® in his practice.

Dr. Vandana Katyal (BDS (Syd), MScMed (Syd), DClinDent Ortho.) is a specialist Orthodontist in Sydney (Australia). Dr Katyal is currently MBA candidate at the University of Canberra. She was awared Sam Bulkley AB Orthodontics Travelling Fellowship twice in 2013 and 2014. Dr Katyal won the Australian Orthodontic Board Clinical Case First Prize in 2014 and she was a keynote speaker and invited lecturer at many Australian & international conferences.

Dr Rhonda is a Specialist Orthodontist with over 20 years of experience, she studied Dentistry at the University of Queensland and Orthodontics at the University of Melbourne. On graduation she joined her father’s family practice in Cairns and now runs our three practices in Far North Queensland.

From a family of specialists and teachers she takes special interest in all forms of education, technology and professional development and is dedicated to being the best she can be. She is regularly invited to present on a range of dental and orthodontic topics on both national and international platforms.

Dr Rhonda is passionate about making you confident and happy. She says that the most exciting and rewarding part of her job is empowering patients with renewed confidence and self-belief as you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Dr. George completed his Bachelor of Health Science (Dentistry)/Masters in Dentistry at La Trobe University in Bendigo. After graduating, George was accepted into a highly regarded scholarship program and then moved into private practice in Melbourne CBD at the end of 2015. George is a clinical demonstrator and lectures to undergraduate dental students at La Trobe University and has completed post-graduate examinations with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS).

Dr. George is particularly interested in education and the ability to transfer information in an engaging, fun and simplistic fashion. His dental interests include aesthetic dentistry and patient communication. He is passionate about dental volunteering and in 2015, together with friends, established a dental charity to provide dental aid in Australia, Vanuatu and Fiji.

As a Principal Dentist and full-time General Dental Practitioner at North Sydney Dental Practice since 2009, Dr Kipel is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of clinical excellence throughout her patient care. Together with her passion for quality, outstanding skills in patient communication, her top academic achievements and commitment to ongoing education, she is able to deliver clinical treatment outcomes of exceptional quality for her patients.

One of Dr Kipel’s greatest passions is aesthetic dentistry and in particular, orthodontic teeth straightening with clear aligner technology or Invisalign. She has a keen eye for the artistic details that make up a beautiful smile and understands the individual aesthetic variations needed for each of her patients. As always, her top skills in communication are paramount in creating a shared vision with her patients to obtain the “dream smile” they imagined for themselves.She has gained extensive experience in straightening teeth with the Invisalign system and frequently attends coursework to expand her skill set and stay at the forefront of a continuously evolving technology. Hundreds of patients have thanked her for giving them their dream smile.  

Dr Kipel has been awarded multiple academic prizes throughout both her university education in Queensland as well as in pursuit of further qualifications thereafter. Dr Kipel was;

  • Awarded the ADA prize for 1st place in graduating year (highest GPA) of her Bachelor’s Degree, BOralH(Dsc)
  • Awarded the Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence (for students attaining academic results within the top 5%) in consecutive years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Awarded the Australian Society of Orthodontics Prize for 1st in Orthodontics, 2009
  • Awarded the Australia and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry Prize for 1st in Paediatric Dentistry, 2009
  • Awarded the 2nd Place International Prize and Top Honours in Implant Dentistry for academic achievement in the gIDE Master Clinician Program, 2016
  • Awarded official commendations for all 6 (of 6) RACDS Primary Examination subjects, 2012
  • Admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS), 2015

Another major special interest of Dr Cigdem Kipel’s lies in using technology to optimise workflows in patient care. After analysing every step of a patients journey within a practice, Dr Kipel and her team have created cutting edge digital systems to streamline the ‘best practice’ methods of delivering superior patient outcomes. She is passionate about leveraging technology to unlock greater case acceptance, utilise more of the dental team in a patients treatment journey and to generate unique opportunities to WOW your patient at every step. 

Dr Vivaldi completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2001 and his Masters in Orthodontics in 2004, both in renowned institutions in Brazil. He opened his private practice in 2001 and operated it successfully until 2013 when he moved to Australia with his family. Dr Vivaldi was delighted to be granted his dental registration in Australia and is pursuing his Australian orthodontic registration.

Dr Vivaldi has over 15 years of orthodontic experience. During that time he has undertaken further Post-Graduate studies, which include a Mini-Residency in Orthodontics at the University of Michigan. In addition to practicing fixed orthodontics he has spent the last 10 years treating patients with complex Invisalign® cases, achieving a prominent position within the Invisalign® community in Brazil where he has become an Invisalign® presenter, including undertaking a position as a visiting teacher at the State University of Maringá in the Masters of Orthodontics program.

In 2012, Dr Vivaldi was invited to visit the primary Invisalign® facility in Costa Rica, and shortly after that he founded the first study group in South America in this field.

Dr. John Hagiliassis graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dentistry in 1998.  Dr John founded a South Melbourne-based dental clinic in 2011, which quickly listed on BRW’S Fast 100 businesses in Australia for the years 2011 and 2012.

Dr John is the largest provider of Phillips Zoom! whitening treatment in Australasia since 2012. Dr John absolutely loves technology and loves finding ways to incorporate it into his practice to make him more accurate and efficient.

Many years ago, John was one of the first people to have an iTero scanner in the world and has continued this trend by updating his technology constantly.

Dr John has treated over 4000 clear aligners cases to date.

His passion for cosmetic dentistry saw him further his education in 2017, completing a Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Orthodontics at the Postgraduate School of Dentistry.

John regularly speaks and mentors at the Postgraduate School of Dentistry, as well as for Ivoclar (Trios Intraoral scanning) and 3D Meditech.

Cosmetic Dentist Dr.Fadi Yassmin has been leading the impressive team at the DFY Dental in Sydney, Ultimo since 1998. During nearly two decades of practice with the DFY Dental, Dr. Yassmin has developed a reputation as one of the leading dental practitioners in the Sydney.

Dr. Fadi Yassmin is one of the most widely respected dentists in the industry, with a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry and ongoing training from such prestigious institutions as the renowned Kings College, the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics and UCLA – widely regarded as one of the world’s leading medical centre’s.
Since the very beginning, Dr. Fadi Yassmin and his team have been committed to serving the needs of their patients – and to providing top quality pain-free dental services.

Professor M. Ali Darendeliler is Chair of the Discipline of Orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry and Head of Sydney Dental Hospital’s Department of Orthodontics. He is an orthodontist, academic and internationally renowned researcher leading a multifaceted research program in orthodontics. His team investigates the mechanics of tooth movement, the effect of orthodontic therapy on biological tissues and root resorption, multidisciplinary management of obstructive sleep apnoea including the use of mandibular advancement splints, temporary anchorage devices, jaw orthopaedics, accelerated tooth movement, bone healing and alveolar ridge development, dental implants, and the use of magnets and magnetic fields in orthodontics. Professor Darendeliler is a recipient of the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ Distinguished Service Award (2008) and P. Raymond Begg Award (2012) for significant contribution to Research (one of only five awarded since the ASO was founded). He is the first Australian to receive the Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecture Award, the highest honour of the European Orthodontic Society, awarded for his significant scientific contribution to orthodontics. He was one of the nine experts worldwide selected to develop international guidelines for postgraduate orthodontic education, and has helped develop guidelines for the use of oral appliance therapy in sleep apnoea.

Educator Dr. ‘Skip’ Truitt is the Director of Continuing Education for the Clinical Foundation of Orthopaedics, Orthodontics & TMD Therapy. Dr Truitt has over 50 years experience in maxillofacial orthopaedics, orthodontics and TMD therapy and in doing so, has developed treatment protocol that is both unique and highly successful. He has co-authored four text books and published numerous papers in various countries. Doctors from around the world use his service and years of experience to elevate their practice to another level. Dr. Truitt is an IAO Senior Certified Instructor who gives lectures and case consultations in the US, Canada, Ireland, Norway, UK, Continental Europe, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia.

“My goal is to teach the latest information in a concise easy-to-understand manner to expand your practice financially and professionally”.

Dr Luke Cronin is a graduate of the University of Queensland (2000, 2013) and the University of Sydney (2006), with a specific interest and expertise in cosmetic dental treatments. Dr Cronin was attracted to cosmetic dentistry by the very nature of the creative and highly technical problem solving it involves. The ability to enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile is incredibly rewarding, and Dr Cronin works closely with his patients to design and create their ideal smile. Dr Cronin’s open and relaxed communication style means that he gets to know all his patients, he understands their lifestyles, their oral health needs and goals.

Dr Steve Soukoulis completed a 2 year diploma in clinical dentistry after finishing his general dental degree. This involved introductory training in most dental specialties, dental trauma and medically compromised patients. From here he entered a periodontal specialty program (clinical supervisor was DrKardachi) and completed this in 2001.

He has worked with Dr Kardachi since this time. Dr Soukoulis has traveled nationally and internationally for short courses to further his knowledge in periodontics and implantology and bone grafting. 

Dr Dan Hanson is a dentist (BDS) who since 2011 has limited his practice to early interceptive treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, breathing dysfunction and malocclusion.

Since 2014 his focus has been laser frenectomy procedures and correction of oral dysfunction within Myofunctional Pre-Orthodontics. Working in a team with a collaborative approach to care is a key feature of his philosophy.

Dan has lectured to professional audiences on a regular basis since 2012, with locations including London, Lyon, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Auckland.  His topics include Myofunctional Pre-Orthodontics and Oral Restrictions (tongue and lip ties).

He is co-founder of both Myofocus and The Tongue Tie Institute.

Dr David Hills graduated from the Dental School at Griffith University in 2009. Prior to this David had finished 4 years of study in Biomedical Science completing a scholarship with the Heart Foundation Research Centre. David has spent the last 7 years working as a dentist on the Gold Coast where he has gained a reputation for providing exceptional quality dental care.

Dr Jeffrey Kho graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours in 2005. He worked as an associate until 2008 when he opened the first of his three successful clinics in Brisbane.

His clinical interests lie in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and orthodontics and is a KOL for several different companies. He has lectured nationally to dentists young and old and is the founder of the Recent Grads Conference. His passion is to help dentists overcome their challenges, help find their way and discover who they are.

Dr Bill Gergis is a general dentist working in private practice in Adelaide.

Using free CAD software, he has pioneered new ideas and workflows in digital dentistry to simplify and enhance everyday dental practice.

He regularly combines his knowledge of digital dentistry and 3d printing for digital waxups, custom stents, occlusal splints, temporaries, custom aligners, tooth cloning, and 2D & 3D smile designs.

Apart from his passion for digital dentistry and clear aligners, Bill enjoys the challenge of creating artistic tooth restorations and shares this passion with his students at the University of Adelaide.

Co-founder of mYofocUs, he has been performing orofacial myofunctional orthodontics since 2001. He was first exposed to functional orthopaedics and orthodontics by completing the full courses of Dr. Skip Truitt, then graduating from the Orthodontic Mini Residency of Dr. Derek Mahony in 2005. After further developing his knowledge and skills from the mentorships of Dr. Steven Olmos, Dr. Steven Lee, Dr. Chris Farrell, and Mrs. Sandra Coulson, over a number of years, he developed a passion in developing the jaws of children through the correction of oral and facial muscular dysfunctions.

Currently 95% of his patients are children, where he helps them reach their maximum unique genetic potentials by orofacial myofunctional orthodontics. Furthermore, he has educated over 150 dentists on orofacial myofunctional orthodontics for The University of Airlangga in Surabaya, Indonesia. Now, he co-runs and co-presents the mYofocUs Mini Residency Modules and Courses with Dr. Dan Hanson, teaching dentists and various health practitioners (including Ear Nose Throat Specialists, Bodyworkers, Speech Language Pathologists, Lactation Consultants, etc.) about the mYofocUs pre-orthodontic system.

Prof. Giovanni Olivi is an Adjunct Professor in Conservative Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry & Endodontics in the Degree Course of Dentistry and Masters in Laser Dentistry at the University of Genoa. He graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery (MD) at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He specialised with honours in Aesthetic Medicine at the International Foundation Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome and in Dentistry (DDS)

at Tor Vergata University in Rome. In 2002 Giovanni achieved the postgraduate diploma in “laser dentistry” at the University of Florence; In 2004 he achieved laser certification from the International Society of Laser Dentistry, ISLD, Advanced Proficiency and Masters with the American Academy of Laser Dentistry, ALD USA from 2006-2009. He was honoured with the “Leon Goldman Award” for clinical excellence in Nashville USA in 2007.

He is the scientific coordinator of the Italian Academy of Microscope Dentistry (AIOM) and an active board member of the Italian Society of Endodontics (SIE) and European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD).

Giovanni Olivi is currently adjunct professor and scientific director of the postgraduate course “Laser in Dentistry” at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma (UCSC) and is also cooperating with several universities worldwide on laser research & education.

He has maintained a deep interest in laser enhanced dentistry, endodontics, microscopy, implants, and dentofacial aesthetics.

Prof. Giovanni Olivi has been invited to speak at more than 150 international conferences, he is a scientific advisor to several industry journals and author of numerous publications including more than 60 peer-reviewed articles and several chapters textbooks on dentistry topics.



Dr Marcells is a Facial Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. He is the immediate Past President of the AAFPS (Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery). He is Co-Director of both the Sydney Rhinology Fellowship (which accepts Fellows for advanced Rhinology training through the American Match program) and the Sydney Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship.

Dr Marcells is regularly asked to present at Facial Plastic Surgery meetings both locally and internationally.

Dr Sam Koh graduated from The University of Melbourne with First Class Honours, during which time he was recognised in multiple years on the Deans Honours List, as well as achieving the prestigious John Iliffe Scholarship Prize for the highest aggregate within his year level.

Since graduation, he has worked as a general dentist in the private sector and is currently the principal dentist at Orions Dental Taylors Lakes in Melbourne. Dr Koh enjoys practicing high-quality dentistry, with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontics. He has completed both a 2-year course in GP Orthodontics, and has also attained a Fellowship in Orthodontics (FICCDE) through the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars program. He is also an accredited advanced user of the ClearCorrect clear aligner system.

Dr Koh has over the last few years also served as a mentor for young dentists, as well as regularly hosting and presenting at dental education events through his group, the Young Dentist Hub. Dr Koh is currently a guest speaker for MIPS, is partnered with SDI and is a KOL for both ClearCorrect and Rhondium

John Dwyer (known as “JD” by most of his clients) is a marketing enigma, unique in the field. When it comes to creating sales for businesses, his thinking is refreshingly unconventional. And thank goodness for that! Because there are way too many so-called marketing experts out there who simply pedal the same old “marketing 101” philosophies.

John preaches “in a sea of sameness in your industry, you need to stand out like a beacon – and the best way to do this is by using wow factor marketing techniques”. He thinks “way outside the square” and brings proven marketing ideas to the table for business owners – not the motherhood marketing waffle we all hear from many self-professed advertising experts. And let’s not forget, he’s the guy who got Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement to front an Aussie bank’s advertising campaign!

Dr Kim graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2000.

Dr Kim has been working in Sydney CBD since 2003 at his busy private practice. His orthodontic experience started since 2001 with fixed orthodontic. Then, he first started Invisalign orthodontic treatment in 2008.

 By 2013, his full focus in orthodontics has been on Invisalign system.

He is a Clinical Consultant for Invisalign Asia Pacific since 2016, and he is a member of Invisalign’s Global Product Development Panel.

He has reached 800 lifetime cases in his 10 years of Invisalign career and he has been ranked top 6 in Invisalign’s Global Gallery recently.

Dr Kim has lectured on Invisalign system through his master course series and Webinar in Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and Korea.

Dr Kim is also a key opinion leader for Ortho Acceledent and head Clinical Consultant for MORE Dental Group in China.

On his weekends, he enjoys attending Church activity with his wife and two daughters.

Dr. Cory Costanzo completed his dental and orthodontic training at the University of the Pacific where he also received a Master of Science in Dentistry. He is a member of The American Association of Orthodontists, California Association of Orthodontists, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, and California Dental Association; and he is a past president of the Fresno-Madera Dental Society. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and owns a private practice in Fresno, CA.
Dr. Costanzo is part of the SureSmile Clinical Advisory Board and teaching faculty. He lectures in the USA & internationally for SureSmile and his favourite hobby is skateboarding the local skate parks when he’s not skating the halfpipe in his backyard.

Dr. David Penn is the Head of The School of Aesthetic Orthodontics at The Postgraduate School of Dentistry in Double Bay, Sydney. Dr. Penn lectures and teaches extensively, principally in the areas of aesthetic orthodontics and clear aligners. He wrote the initial accreditation course for GP doctors for Invisalign® and has taught more than 1,500 postgraduate students in the use of Sequential Aligners and Aesthetics. In January 2015, he wrote and gained accreditation for a government accredited post-graduate degree qualification in Aesthetic Orthodontics. He is also responsible for the research and development of many unique dental appliances and devices including the Penn Composite Stent, the Atlas Cabriolet orthodontic retainer and the acclaimed Munchies® series of orthodontic devices including Munchies Vibe -the next generation of predictability enhancement.

Dr Ng is a general dental practitioner of nearly 30 years in a busy multi-dentist Practice in Auckland New Zealand.

Dr Ng has been one of the top Invisalign providers in New Zealand for a number of years and lectures regularly as an Invisalign clinical presenter. He has also published a number of Clinical White papers about Invisalign treatment. Dr Ng has currently over 200 cases of Invisalign in treatment.

Dr Feng received her bachelor degree in dentistry and master degree in orthodontics in 2000 and 2003, respectively, from West China Stomatological School, the most prestigious dental tertiary institutes in China. From 2003 to 2016, Dr Feng was appointed assistant professor in orthodontics and senior orthodontic specialist at School of Stomatology and Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr Feng took on the highest degree course from 2009, and as part of her PhD curriculum, Dr feng was in the University of Hong Kong for six months involving in a joint research program with the team led by Prof Hagg and Rabie. Dr Feng obtained PhD degree in orthodontics in 2013. Successfully sitting for the Edinburgh examination, Dr Feng is awarded the Morth. of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. In February 2016, Dr Feng moved to Shanghai Qi-Mei Dental Hospital, one of the prime private dental establishments in Shanghai, and has appointed the Director of Orthodontic Department.

Dr Feng has been very active in innovative research, which aims at exploring the phenotypic differentiation of chondrocytes in synchondrosis of cranial base in response to orthopedic force. Dr Feng also enjoys her fame in orthodontic clinic arena, due to her expertise in correcting severe skeletal malocclusions using orthopedic approaches. Her achievements in clinical orthodontics have been highlighted by her case reports published at AJODO. Dr Feng is a frequent and well-received speaker in many national and international orthodontic seminars, forums and conferences.      

Mr Angus Pryor is a Practice Growth Specialist, Angus Pryor, is an author, marketer and international speaker. After more than a decade working alongside dentists and other health care professionals, Angus entered the dental marketing space in 2014.

Angus is an Amazon number one bestselling author from his recent release ‘The Dental Practice Profit System – 5 Steps To Higher Patients And Higher Profits’.  He has written extensively in a range of industry publications including DentistryIQ, Australasian Dental Practice, and ADA’s News Bulletin.  He has been quoted on ABC, NBC and Fox TV.

After an extensive international search, Angus introduced Local Search for DentistsTM to Australia in 2018.  As one of fastest growing dental marketing companies on the planet, LSFD boosts dentists’ online presence, helping them get their ‘Google house’ in order.

Angus holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Queensland, and several management diplomas.  He has undertaken extensive personal study into digital and direct marketing over the past five years, which lead to him being certified as a Google Partner.

He surrounds himself with a hand-picked team of marketing experts covering a range of digital and traditional marketing services.

As one of Australia’s most prominent entrepreneurs, Naomi Simson is the co-founder of the Big Red Group. BRG houses a number of brands including RedBalloon, Adrenaline, IfOnly, Albert AI (Marketics) and Redii.com with the purpose of shifting the way people experience life. Having founded RedBalloon in 2001, Naomi is a pioneer of online marketplaces and the Experience Economy. RedBalloon is one of Australia’s great entrepreneurial success stories with Hitwise identifying the business as the third largest experience marketplace in the world. Naomi is passionate, inspiring and determined – a colourful speaker with rich and vivid stories – she challenges audiences to think differently and is one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers.

Naomi is a passionate supporter of Australian businesses, a prolific blogger and business commentator, best-selling author and much sought-after keynote speaker. She has appeared in four seasons of the Australian Shark Tank as the #redshark.

A highly skilled dental surgeon and dental practitioner, Dr Anthony Mak has many years of experience working in some of Sydney’s most renowned dental practices with some of Sydney’s finest dental specialists. He now brings his unique skills in the fields of dental implants, cosmetic and restorative dentistry to his exciting new “W dental” practice at Woollahra. Dr Mak is committed to the improvement of dental health awareness in his community. As a past graduate of Sydney Boys High School and the University of Sydney, Dr Mak has a good understanding of the key issues that directly affect the community around his Woollahra practice. An outstanding graduate of dentistry from the University of Sydney, Dr Mak’s dedication to perfection and tireless effort won him numerous accolades including the W. Alan Grainger Memorial Prize and the Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals Prize. He also won the John Stephen Hill Memorial Prize, the Dr Henry Bruce Maxwell Prize and the esteemed Rudolf Gunz University Medal.

Dr Mak is a current member of the Australian Dental Association, Australian Osseointegration Society, International Association of Orthodontics and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and he was also a lecturer and clinical associate with the University of Sydney. Having an insatiable thirst for information and continued improvement has seen Dr Mak complete extensive additional study including a post-graduate diploma in Oral Implants at The University of Sydney. He has also travelled to New Zealand and the USA to further his knowledge in the latest techniques of implants, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Two-year Biocreative Orthodontic Strategy Course by Kyung Hee Uniersity, Seoul, Kortea and National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Prof. Sadao Sato Orthodontic Course, IDEA, San Franscisco, USA

2011- 2013
First-level Specialization Clinical Graduate Degree, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Dr. Nelson’ Oppermann OrthoStudy Program (theorectical and clinical 3 years)

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Health Sciences, Ho Chi Minh City

1993                                      Advanced Level Certificate of English, University of Education, Ho Chi Minh City

Dr Geoffrey Hall completed his dental training at the University of Melbourne in 1983, and then pursued his postgraduate orthodontic training at the University of Pennsylvania in 1990. While he had mixed results with his undergraduate dental education, he found his passion in orthodontics, coming first in his class at the University of Pennsylvania.

That passion led him to open his successful practice at South Caulfield in Melbourne, where he specialised iin adult and children treatments including early treatment, conventional adolescent therapy, short-term orthodontics (Smilefast) and cosmetic treatment options including lingual braces, Invisalign and other aligner systems, and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, including orthognathic surgical cases. . Over 28 years in practice and 10,000 orthodontic cases later, he has now dedicated himself to being the leading orthodontic educator for General Dentists, through The OrthoED Institute.

Having developed the short term cosmetic orthodontic treatment called Smilefast, (with over 500 dentists having completed their training in Australia) the success is based around the unique digital indirect bonding system, the comprehensive theory, formulated from sound orthodontic principles and pre-course material. Add in the online support and Smilefast has developed into a profitable revenue stream for many of the dentists, who have embraced orthodontics into their practice.

Dr Hall developed the OrthoEd Institute programme to give General Dentists the skills and confidence to treat basic to complex cases, and also to provide the GP with a solid foundation of knowledge that can be applied to any orthodontic treatment modality including aligner therapy . The GP will be totally confident in treating simple, moderate and even more challenging cases, and these will be done with precision, detail and efficiency. A delighted patient, a new referral and income source and increased satisfaction in your dental practice from a profitable orthodontic treatment process will result. Each module is specifically designed to offer progressive training through orthodontics, While the tools the GP learn at The OrthoED institute not only help the general dentist tackle more difficult cases, the focus extends to making the mild and moderate cases, simpler to understand, much easier to treat and be able to finish and detail the case better, reduce chair time, and ultimately becoming a more profitable practice.

Dr Morris Rapaport is a specialist orthodontist in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and a seasoned p.t. Snr Lecturer at the Universities of Sydney & Charles Sturt. He’s a Clinical Lecturer for Align Technology and an invited member of their Advisory Board. He regularly speaks at Summits and teaches Invisalign courses throughout New Zealand, China, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Dr Rapaport teaches Functional Appliances and Mixed Dentition Treatments for Sydney University’s Continuing Education. He has been an invited lecturer at the World Federation of Orthodontists’ Congress, ADA Conventions, and the Australian Osteointegrated Implant Society. Dr Rapaport’s lectures are memorable, not only for their content, but for their splashes of humour and panache. Dr Rapaport is a past president of The Australian Begg Society of Orthodontists and has published in refereed journals. As for his vision for the future: he predicts that just as electric cars will take over from piston engines, clear aligners will take over from brackets and wires and the tipping point is sooner than you think for both.

Dr. James Mah is a Clinical Professor and the Program Director in Orthodontics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His research is focused on 3-Dimensional imaging and modeling for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment planning and therapeutics as well as anthropology and forensics. He has been involved in the research and development of Cone-Beam CT scanners, 3-D facial imaging devices, intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM applications in dentistry. He obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery, Master of Science degrees and his Certificate of Specialization in Orthodontics from the University of Alberta. Following he graduated from Harvard Medical School with a Doctorate of Medical Science degree and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Department of Orthopaedics at Children’s Hospital, Boston. Dr. Mah has authored numerous publications, textbooks, and book chapters and regularly presents nationally and internationally. In addition, his work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The National Post, Tech TV, Men’s Health and YouTube. He also reviews for the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics and other dental journals. Dr. Mah also serves as a Scientific Advisory Board Member for Allergan and is the Chief Research and Development Officer for ClearCorrect.

Wai-Yee Chen is an experienced Investment Adviser, innovative in her investment style and sharp and adaptive in her approach. She has been investing and advising for more than two decades; using her specialist skills in derivatives to protect downside, manage risks, capitalise on gains and enhance income in all market cycles.  Her deliverable to her clients is Managed Portfolios that are agile, resilient and dependable; freeing them to enjoy wealth with equanimity. 

Wai-Yee is also an investment author. In addition to contributions to print media and TV interviews (with CNBC and SKY Business) for many years, she has written two books; OptionsWise: How to invest sensibly in 2010 and NeuroInvesting: Build a new investing brain in 2013.  She has continued to teach and inform investors through investment seminars and webinars with organisations like Stockbrokers Association of Australia and the School of Practical Philosophy.

Wai-Yee has worked for stockbroking firms like Credit Suisse First Boston, RBS Morgans and Ord Minnett and is a qualified CPA with a Masters of Applied Finance and ASX Derivatives Level 2.

Jayne began her professional career as an educator. After spending several years in the education system, Jayne made the jump to dental practice management.

Jayne served as a Practice Manager for a renowned dentist in Sydney for more than 25 years, having the opportunity to learn first-hand what works when it comes to building and maintaining patient relationships, how to convert leads over the phone, and most importantly — what it takes to reach your practice goals.

As the CEO and Founder of Dental Phone Excellence, Jayne strives to help practices convert more calls into appointments, reduce cancelled appointments and help nurture effective patient communication that will result in increased profitability for your practice.

Her past experience as an educator combined with her passion for practice management gives her a unique set of skills that allows your team to fully understand and take advantage of the tools she presents.

Meet Nick Duncan, CEO of SmileMate, a new company launching at the DM Symposium. He’s looking forward to introducing a brand new world of opportunities for dentists and orthodontists at ACAS2020 in February 21-22.

Health care professional, highly qualified dentist across, private, public and no-for-profit sectors.
Strong experience in clinical governance. With an attention to detail in writing clinical policies and media articles and through audits she has designed, Hera delivers operational excellence with a focus on clinical quality and customer service.